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Knottie Hooks creates new crochet patterns which are easy to use and will help take your skills to the next level!

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Our free crochet patterns are available 24/7 on the blog!

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Jughead Hat

Jughead Hat

A customer approached me at craft fair and asked if I could make her a hat and showed me a picture. That was about all I had to go on. She was firm that she did not want the typical crochet stitch appearance and wanted the hat as close to the original as possible.
After some playing and tweaking the Jughead Hat, Knottie Hooks style was born and remains the most popular pattern on my site!

Ariel Beanie

Ariel came about when my sister Ariel came to me and asked for a specific hat. She liked the trendy hats of the season and really wanted something that was along the lines of what you would see at your local outdoors shop. She also wanted a hat that was more tailored to her personality.
We sat down at the kitchen table and talked about what she liked about the hat trends of the day and what she would change if she could. Then I went to work...

Reusable Scrubbies

There are a lot of way's to reduce our use of disposable products. One way specific to today's topic is getting rid of the sponges in your kitchen. They harbor bacteria, smell bad, you cannot wash them in the laundry multiple times, and they do not break down in the landfill without additional help from more chemicals to accelerate the process.
So what could be a better way to resolve this issue than to make your own scrubbies!

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