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Come join me for an adventure in all things crochet!

Dive deeper into crochet with Knottie Notes stitch tutorials, stitch explanations, pattern walkthroughs, and new ways to work your hook.

Learn the ins and outs of crochet stitches, their anatomy and how to use them. Get practice patterns to make your own crochet creation!

Meet Your Maker

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Come join me for an adventure in all things crochet! Learn how to crochet, new techniques and access to stitch tutorials. 

I’m Faydra Kenning, avid yarn lover, creator of cool stuff, and small business owner.

My adventure of becoming a crochet designer started in the spring of 2018 with loved ones asking me to make them things. When I started making more and more I knew I had to start writing down my unique creations.

I started turning my notes into patterns, and patterns into more physical goods, and so on.

I sell my physical creations at local stores and maker markets where I get to connect with my community and help fellow crocheters with their fiber journey. I work with small businesses to help them start up their websites and provide one on one training so they can maintain updates and customization. 

All my patterns are tested by others for accuracy. You can be sure that a pattern purchased from Knottie Hooks is easy to use and most important, easy to read.

I have many plans for this journey so stay with me as Knottie Hooks grows!

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