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Free Pattern: Bam's Beanie

Sometimes, things just happen for a reason.  We don’t know why, or how, we just know a door has been opened for us and it is up to us to have the courage to walk through it and discover what is on the other side.  

I have tried typing up this blog post many times. Each time, I put my thoughts down on the keyboard, save them, then go back to add to them later, only to find that they just were not the right words.  Most of the time I am happy with what I have written.  Most of the time I know what I want to write about, and the words flow naturally.  This post was not one of them. I had to search for the right words. Why this hat, why this stitch, and why call it Bam...

Bam is a very special pattern to me.  First because it is named for my grandmother “Bam”. and second because it was one of the first patterns I wrote.  Now I know the granny stitch hat has been done before, but I can assure you I did not follow a pattern for this hat.  Nor have I since. All the stitches, counts, and words are mine.  It has been tested, revised, and tested again.  

So, about my Bam.  I don’t really know why we called her that, but it was the name we called her and when I or most of my other cousins speak of her, we refer to her as our Bam and not our grandmother.  A funny name to go along with a very entertaining lady for sure.  

My Bam was special to me though and remains so.  I grew up living across the street from her and my grandfather.  I played on the beach in front of her house as a child.  Dug clams and made sandcastles.  Walked the streams at low tide and collected periwinkles.  All under the watchful eyes of my mother and my Bam.  

She was there to talk to when I had a disagreement with my mother.  She paid me handsomely to clean her car and she taught me to play go fish and old maid.  She also taught me that at any age we can be who we want to be and that no one can dictate to us who we are.  I’m a fighter.  I stand up for what I believe in and she always made sure I knew that was a grand quality to have.

Bam’s Beanies are constructed using the granny stitch.  Multiple clusters of three double crochets, strategically worked together to create a beautiful display of stitches and colors.  The granny stitch is simple yet pleasing to work.  It is beautiful in that no matter what colors you choose it always looks great.  It is soft, reliable, and for me at least, it gives a feeling of comfort with its nostalgic demeanor.  We can depend on this stitch to always be consistent.  

All the wonderful things about this stitch are my Bam.  She was soft-hearted and gave to others what she could, Bam was there when you needed her and never asked for anything in return.  You could count on Bam to always have three things.  Mints in the candy dish, curlers in her hair after 8:00 pm, and ice-cream in the freezer.  

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There have been many times since her passing when I feel as though she is still with me.  On the day of her waking, as I sat in the cold looking out at the basin and finally taking my time to cry, I felt my shoulders warm and a feeling of overwhelming joy come over me.  It lasted about a minute then slowly dissipated.  

On the day my daughter was born, my mother pointed out that the stork bites on Abby’s neck looked exactly like Bams.  We call them her Bam kisses.  She still has them to this day at five years old.  

So while you are working this pattern I hope you will think of your grandmother.  Or the person in your life that has touched you in such a way that you found the courage to walk through an open door, even when you did not know what was on the other side.  You may just have a hand on your shoulder guiding you over the threshold and onto new great things…

Thank you Bam x’s and o’s


Ok on to the Pattern

Bam’s Beanie

By: Faydra Kenning

This hat is worked in rounds using the classic granny stitch; Bam’s Beanie is timeless yet nostalgic. The paid pattern gives you instructions on how to work up this hat in 3 styles, closed beanie, ponytail beanie, and bun beanie.  Be sure to check you gauge as this hat can get loose very easily.  If you are not comfortable with the size feel free to go down or up half a hook size.


Worked in dc3 clusters 14 dc x 9 = 4x4”

10” 25cm (W)/ 8” 20.5cm (H)


YarnLion Brand Landscapes, Red Heart Unforgettable, or any other #4 worsted weight yarn

Hook(s): 4mm (hat border),5mm (hat body) or hook to obtain gauge

Yarn Needle


Abbreviations/ Stitches:

St(s)- Stitch(es)

Mc-magic circle

Ch- Chain

Sl st -Slip stitch

Sc- Single crochet

Dc- Double crochet

Cluster= dc3

Clsp- cluster space, the space between two clusters


Rounds are worked in continual rounds.  At the end of each round you will slip stitch to the beginning chain, but do not turn.

The stitch is worked in groups of 3 double crochet.  3 Double crochet = 1 cluster

Work each cluster in the cluster space of the previous round.  Since clusters are not separated by a chain this can be hard to see.

Beginning chains count as stitches, therefore are included in the final stitch count for each row.

The number in parenthesis at the end of each round represents the total number of stitches for that round.

Here we go!

Rnd 1: Using a 5 mm hook. Into magic circle, ch3 dc11, slst to beg ch3. (12)

Rnd 2: ch3, sk3 dc6 in 1st clsp. Sk3 dc6 in clsp. Sk3 dc6 in clsp. Sk3, dc5 in clsp, slst to beg ch3. (24)

Rnd 3: ch3 dc5 in clsp. Sk3, dc3 in clsp. Sk3, dc6 in clsp. Repeat ** around, slst to beg ch3 (36)

Rnd 4: ch3, Sk3, dc3 in clsp. Sk3 dc3 in clsp. Sk3, dc6 in clsp. Repeat ** 11x's. Sk3, dc5 in clsp. (48)

Rnd 5: ch3 dc2 in clsp. Sk3, dc3 in clsp. Sk3, dc3 in clsp. Sk3, dc6 in clsp. Rep ** around. Slst to beg ch3. (60)

Rnd 6: ch3; Sk3, dc3 in clsp. Repeat ** around 20 more times. Sk3, dc2 slst to beg ch3. (60)

Rnd 7: ch3 dc2; Sk3, dc3. Repeat around, slst to ch3. (60)

Rnds 8-14: repeat rnds 6 &7


Brim 1 (using 5mm hook)

Row 1 Ch9, slst into the 2nd ch from the hook and across.  Slst into the first open stitch of the hat body, slst the next st, turn. (8)

Row 2 Slstblo into the first slst of the hat brim and across, ch1 turn. (8)

Row 3 Slstblo in each st across. Slst into the first open stitch of the hat body, slst the next sc, turn.  (8)

Brim 2 (using 4mm hook)

Row 1 Ch 9.  Sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and across.  Slst to the first open stitch of the hat body.  Slst the next, turn. (8)

Row 2 Scblo into the first sc from the brim and across, ch1 turn. (8)

Row 3 Scblo across, Slst to the first open stitch of the hat body.  Slst the next, turn (8)

Repeat rows 2 & 3 around.  To seam the band together, slst the front loops of the last row and the beginning chain row.  Fasten off, weave in ends

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