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Knottie Hooks is centered around making crochet seamless for all levels of expertise. We want people to grow in their crochet journey through the use of our patterns and other tools offered on this site.  In order to do this, we need reliable testers who can meet deadlines, take advertising-quality photos, and be 100% honest when answering questionnaires. If you meet these criteria, then we'd love to have you become a pattern tester!

Any tester who does not complete the test by the end of any agreed-upon dates will be sent an invoice for the cost of the pattern.

Testers are required to provide clear, high-resolution pictures - using a neutral-colored eye-pleasing background - of their work during the process of testing and after. (More information on what pictures are needed will be provided in the instructions accompanying the pattern test.)

A Google account is required to access pattern testing tools. Google Docs will be used for all documentation regarding pattern testing.  You'll be able to make comments and suggest edits all within the individual document.

Constructive criticism is always welcome!  Please feel free to share your likes and dislikes about the pattern or photos used.

All patterns and pictures posted by Knottie Hooks are the property of Knottie Hooks. You are welcome to sell your finished items from the pattern in any manner you choose. However, do not copy, share, or redistribute the pattern or pictures used in the pattern in any way without specific written consent from Knottie Hooks. Please provide a link to the original pattern if you sell your finished items online. (If you change the name when you sell your item, please mention the pattern name in the link so other people can find the pattern.)  Please give credit where credit is due!

Any photos provided to us during testing become the property of Knottie Hooks and may be used at my discretion for marketing and social media purposes.  That being said, we may or may not ask you if we may use your picture(s).  If you don't want it to become public, then please do not post it.  I say this with the utmost respect for you and your privacy, which I respect greatly.

Compensation for testing is a finalized PDF of the tested pattern. Any other forms of compensation are at the discretion of Knottie Hooks.

Any tester of Knottie Hooks found to be plagiarizing our work or the work of anyone will be subject to immediate removal and banishment from any and all present and feature Knottie Hooks pattern tests.

Knottie Hooks reserves the right to update this agreement at any time.  Updates will be emailed to the tester at which point you may be asked to re-agree to the terms.


If you agree to the above Terms & Conditions, then please click the button below to proceed to Step 2.

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