What does it mean to work into the slst sp

Some time you will come across a pattern that requires you to work your first stitch of a round into the slst sp. So what exactly does this mean ?? Let's take a deeper look... Rather watch this instead? Check out my video on Happily Hooked for another perspective! The photo above shows the end […]

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Vining Vinca

Ahhh vinca… This happy little flower is the gem for today's In Bloom Blanket square. Vinca comes in many forms and breeds, this one in particular is crawling vinca. It is perfect for flower beds as it is self sustaining and requires very little maintenance. I happen to have mine planted under a tree in […]

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Morning Mimosa's

Have you ever seen a Mimosa Tree? It is a fast growing tree that flowers late in the spring early summer. They produce these very pretty feathery pinkish flowers that the hummingbirds go crazy for! Below you will find the pattern for the Spring Blossom’s Blanket square number 1. The Morning Mimosa’s square is worked […]

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Randa Slouch Hat Meet and Greet

The story that made it happen This pattern actually came together by accident. My husband asked me for a hat so I went to work designing something that would fit his head (he has an odd shaped head). Originally I started with the band then went on to the hat body. It wasn't until later […]

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X's & O's Shawl

The "X's" & "O's" Shawl is a great way to break into the intermediate level of crochet.  It uses simple stitches with techniques that step outside the box of your contemporary crochet rules.  Make it as large or small as you like.  This pattern looks fantastic as a scarf as well as a shawl.  Its […]

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