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Free Crochet Pattern: Cherry Blossom Scarf

Let me introduce you to the cherry blossom stitch. I came across this stitch when I was browsing Pinterest. I love pinterest for finding new stitches! If you really want to boost your crochet knowledge I find the best way to do this is to find a stitch and just start working it! So how did this scarf come to be? Lest go see...

The story that made it happen

Do you remember this woman? This is Raven. A vibrant, friendly, fun loving, adventurous, stunningly beautiful person, inside and out. She knocked this photo shoot out of the park with her spunky personality and courage to show her true self in all the expressions on her face.

I gained a friend that day, and everyday I see her encouraging smile on Instagram. On the day I was struck with the inspiration for the Raven Kimono (coming soon), she posted a picture of herself in downtown and when I saw it I was blown away by what I saw.

Photograph by Kyle Is The Worst Production

Within this smile I see she has an unapologetic fire that says I am me! This smile says I am strong but right now I am sad, worried, and unsure. I see an unbound appreciation for the spontaneous inspiration she sparked in the photographer.

I see love and appreciation of life, and a passion for living. This is when it hit! I looked at my mother, who was sitting next to me, and I said "That's it!"

During the time COVID-19 hit my area I had already locked down my house. My daughter and I have asthma and I did not want to take any chances with so little known at that time. I was stressed, exhausted, and feeling little to no desire to crochet let alone design. This face changed that for me that day. This picture tied it all together, stitch, style, color, everything.

When I began designing the kimono, I asked Raven to be part of the process. I wanted her input for the design so the final piece would reflect her personality and style. Together we came up with the final design. I already knew what yarn I wanted to use, now it was a matter what hook size to use to get the right outcome.

What makes this pattern unique?

This scarf is the first of three patterns using this stitch. Let's consider this as a practice run to the Raven Kimono. Working up this scarf will introduce you to the Cherry Blossom stitch and give you the experience you need to make your own Raven Kimono coming later this month!

What you will need

Yarn: approximately 350yd, #3 DK or similar weight yarn.  I used 1.5 skeins of Lion Brand Truboo; 3.5ox/100g; 241yd/220m; color Lavender

Hook(s): 3.5mm/ E, Yarn Needle, Scissors

Let's talk fiber!

What you will look for between labels is,

Is the weight the same?

Are the fibers similar, such as Acrylic, wool, alpaca, nylon, etc.?

Is the gauge similar or close enough to make it work?

Are the recommended hook sizes the same?

Another piece of information you can look for is the number of wpi (wraps per inch). This information is not always available so me be more difficult to compare.


10 puff sts / 6 puff rows = 4” / 10cm of worked pattern

To make a swatch begin the pattern and work the row repeats until you have a 6x6 square, measure from the outer most part of the first puff st to the 4”/ 10 cm mark.  Count how many puff sts are within that 4”/ 10 cm.  To measure rows, find the lowest point of the triple puff stitch (tpst); measure from this point to the 4”/ 10 cm mark.  Count the number of puff rows within that 4”/ 10 cm. 

Finished Measurements

Length- 48” /122 cm

Width- 6.5”/ 16.5 cm

Do you know these stitches and abbreviations?

St(s)- Stitch(s)

Sk- skip

Ch- chain

Sc- single crochet

Puff- puff stitch

Yo- yarn over

Dc- double crochet

Tpst- triple puff stitch

Sp(s)- space(s)

Special Stitches

Puff (puff stitch)- (yo, insert hook, yo, draw up loop) 3 times in same st or sp, with 7 loops on hook; yo, pull through all loops on hook, ch1. Note: this ch-1 is a closing stitch and not an independent ch st.

Tpst (triple puff stitch)- (puff, ch2, puff, ch2, puff, ch1) all worked in same stitch or space

Other things you should know before starting...

The ch-3 at the beginning of each row counts as one dc, this also means that working into the last dc of a row may mean working into this ch-3.

The number before the abbreviation represents how many times to work the same stitch into the appropriate stitch.  Ex: 2sc = work two single crochet into the next stitch.

The number after the abbreviation represents how many times to work one type of stitch consecutively.  Ex: sc2 = work one single crochet into each of the next two stitches.

Numbers within < > represent the total number of stitches per row. 

Stitch combos are shown within ( ) and worked into the same stitch of the previous row.

Stitch sequence repeats are represented within * * and followed by the number of times they repeat.

Okay let's go!

ch 42

Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook, ch2, sk3, 3dc in next, ch2, *sk3, sc in next, ch2, sk3, 3dc in next, ch2* repeat from * to * across, ending with a sc in the last st; ch1, turn.

Row 2:  sc in 1st st, ch1, tpst in 2nd dc of the 3 dc cluster of previous row, ch1, *sc in next sc, ch1, tpst in 2nd dc of the 3 dc cluster, ch1*; repeat from * to * across, ch3, turn.

Row 3:  dc in 1st st, ch2; sc in top of 2nd puff of the tpst of previous row, ch2, *3dc in next sc, ch2, sc in top of 2nd puff of tpst, ch2*; repeat from * to * across to last sc, 2dc in last sc, ch3, turn.  

Row 4:  dc in 1st st, ch1, sc in next sc, ch1, *tpst in 2nd dc of 3 dc cluster of previous row, ch1, sc in next sc, ch1*; repeat from * to * across to last dc, 2dc in last dc, ch1, turn.

Row 5: sc in 1st st, ch2, 3dc in next sc, ch2, *sc in 2nd puff of tpst, ch2, 3dc in next sc, ch2*; repeat from * to * across to last dc, sc in last dc, ch1, turn.

Repeat rows 2-5 until the scarf measures 48 inches, or until desired length. 

Weave in all ends and enjoy!

Thank you to Emily of Fiat Fiber Arts for her amazing Tech Editing skills, and to my pattern testers for volunteering to test this pattern for acuracy!

Download Disclaimer

This pattern and its pictures are the property of Knottie Hooks. You are welcome to sell your finished items from this pattern in any manner you choose. However, do not copy, share, or redistribute the pattern itself in any way. Please provide a link if you sell your finished items online back to the original pattern source. Use #knottiehooks and tag me @knottiehooks. (If you change the name when you sell your item, please mention the pattern name in the link so other people can find the pattern.)

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