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Cutie Patootie Owl

Cutie Patootie Owl

Why Just One Square?

You are probably wondering why there is only one crochet square pattern for this post. Well, this cute little guy or gal is one of many crochet squares you can collect!

How fun is that!

When Claire at contacted me this fall about this collaboration I got so excited! Its like a scavenger hunt for crochet squares with out the riddles! Then once you have collected and created them all you can join them all together for a fantastic and festive crochet blanket. Each square is 8"x8". For more information please visit

What makes this pattern unique?

If you are familiar with my patterns then you know I love abbreviations. I find them much easier to follow than spelling everything out in long explanations that run on and on and on........ and on. So if you like your patterns streamlined then lets go!

What you will need

White, red, pink, teal, yellow (gold), black.

Hook size 5mm (H-8)

Yarn needle


Let's talk fiber!

I love the mini skeins for this square!  For this project is used Yarn Bee Mini Maker. They are the perfect size without having to purchase an entire full skein. One skein of each color bellow.  Medium worsted weight #4, 100% acrylic; approximately 65yrds (each), 1.05 oz.

Do you know these stitches and abbreviations?

Other things you should know before starting...

Use the color changing method you prefer most.  If color changing is new to you there are many tutorials on you tube. A brief explanation of color changing is:

Insert hook into next stitch, draw up a loop, (do not yarn over with the same color to finish the stitch) finish the stitch with the appropriate color according to the pattern, i.e. the new color. 

The number directly following an abbreviation represents consecutive stitches.  For example, sc4 means you will work 1 single crochet into each of the next 4 stitches.

You may choose any colors you like for your square.  Be sure to note what colors you choose for which abbreviation to avoid confusion.

The square is worked from the bottom up, beginning with the scarf then up to the tips of the horns.

Odd rows= the right side, even rows= the wrong side, so when looking at the diagrams you will read the odd rows from left to right and the even rows from right to left.

Gauge and measurements.

8” L, 8” W

7sc x 7 rows= 4” (10cm) square swatch.

Okay let's go! (your secret word is scarf)

Using a 5mm hook, begin by chaining 29

Row 1:  Scwh4; scr1; scwh1; scr1; scwh1; scr1; scwh1, scr1; scwh17.  Ch1, turn.

Row 2:  Scwh16; scr1; scwh1; scr1; scwh1; scr1; scwh1; scr1; scwh5.  Ch1 turn.

Row 3:  Scwh5; scr8; scwh15.  Ch1 turn.

Row 4:  Scwh10; scr3; scp2; scr6; scwh7.  Ch1 turn.

Row 5:  Scwh7; scr4; scp4; scr5; scwh8.  Ch1 turn.

Row 6:  Scwh7; scr6; scp5; scr4; scwh6.  Ch1 turn.

Row 7:  Scwh6; scr1; scwh1; scr3; scwh1; scr1; scp3; scwh1; scp2; scr1; scwh1; scr1; scwh7.  Ch1 turn.

Row 8:  Scwh5; sct1; scr1; scwh2; scr2; scwh2; scp2; scwh2; scr1; scp2; scwh2; sct1; scwh5.  Ch1 turn.

Row 9:  Scwh4; sct1; scwh18; sct1; scwh4.  Ch1 turn.

Row 10:  Scwh4; sct1; scwh8; scy2; scwh8; sct1; scwh4.  Ch1 turn.

Row 11:  Scwh4; sct1; scwh1; scr2; scwh4; scy4; scwh4; scr2; scwh1; sct1; scwh4.  Ch1 turn.

Row 12:  Scwh4; sct1; scwh1; scr2; scwh4; scy4; scwh4; scr2; scwh1; sct1; scwh4.  Ch1 turn.

Row 13:  Scwh4; sct1; scwh4; scb1; scwh3; sct2; scwh8; sct1; scwh4.  Ch1 turn.

Row 14:  Scwh4; sct1; scwh3; scb3; scwh2; sct2; scwh2; scb3; scwh3; sct1; scwh4.  Ch1 turn.

Row 15:  Scwh3; sct3; scwh2; scb3; scwh2; sct2; scwh1; scb1; scwh3; scb1; scwh1; sct3; scwh3.  Ch1 Turn.

Row 16:  Scwh3; sct3; scwh1; scb1; scwh5; sct2; scwh3; scb1; scwh3; sct3; scwh3.  Ch1 turn.

Row 17:  Scwh3; sct3; scwh7; sct2; scwh7; sct3; scwh3.  Ch1 turn.

Row 18:  Scwh3; sct3; scwh6; sct4; scwh6; sct3; scwh3.  Ch1 turn.

Row 19:  Scwh3; sct4; scwh4; sct6; scwh4; sct4; scwh3.  Ch1 turn.

Row 20:  Scwh3; sct22; scwh3.  Ch1 turn.

Row 21:  Scwh3; sct22; scwh3.  Ch1 turn.

Row 22:  Scwh3; sct22; scwh3.  Ch1 turn.        

Row 23:  Scwh2; sct24; schwh2.  Ch1 turn.

Row 24:  Scwh1; sct2; scwh1; sct3; scwh1; sct12; scwh1; sct3; scwh1; sct2; scwh1.  Ch1 turn.

Row 25:  Scwh3; sct3; scwh4; sct8; scwh4; sct3; scwh3.  Ch1 turn.

Row 26:  Scwh2; sct3; scwh18; sct3; scwh2.  Ch1 turn.

Row 27:  Scwh2; sct1; scwh22; sct1; scwh2.  Tie off, weave in ends.

Want even more?

Click the download the pattern button and get the fully loaded version of this pattern for free until December 23rd 2019! I break this square down to each line and provide the diagram!

Download Disclaimer

This pattern and its pictures are the property of Knottie Hooks. You are welcome to sell your finished items from this pattern in any manner you choose. However, do not copy, share, or redistribute the pattern itself in any way. Please provide a link if you sell your finished items online back to the original pattern source. Use #knottiehooks and tag me @knottiehooks. (If you change the name when you sell your item, please mention the pattern name in the link so other people can find the pattern.)

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