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Hearts for Christmas

When I was growing up my mother painted folk art. My fondest memories are of her pulling out the seasonal decorations and always feeling so blessed that she made most of what made our home feel so welcoming and cozy. One of the pieces she made was of St. Nicholas in his sleigh with the words, “All Hearts Come Home for Christmas”. It was one of my favorites, and every time I saw it, I knew I was home.

I wanted to bring this experience to you, so, thanks to Claire at and her amazing holiday blanket CAL’s I can do that. I hope this square when combined with its mates, brings you as much warm and fuzziness as my memories do for me. You can find the remainder of the blanket squares here.

Hope everyone enjoys the Hope in the Holiday's blanket CAL hosted by, Claire has certainly done an amazing job getting us all together and the squares for this CAL will not disappoint!

Today is the kickoff of the Hope in the Holidays blanket CAL, and I'm up first with "Hearts for Christmas". You can find the next patterns in this CAL at There you will find links to all the free blog posts containing the square contributed by that designer.

OR! You can go the easy route and purchase all the patterns by clicking the button below. Each day you will be able to access the next pattern in line without having to jump from place to place. The choice is up to you!

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With 2020 coming to a close (thank goodness), what better way to celebrate this time of year than with a great project to curl up on the couch with and remember all the things that make this time of year so great!

What you will need

Yarn:  I used KnitPicks Mighty Stitch, #4 worsted weight, 80% acrylic 20% wool (this yarn is light for a worsted weight yarn). The abbreviations in the parenthesis is what is used in the pattern to represent which color to work with.

You can get all the yarn for this project at We Crochet!

1 skein KnitPicks Mighty Stitch in Oyster (O)

1 skein KnitPicks Mighty Stitch in Spruce (Sp)

1 skein KnitPicks Mighty Stitch in Love Letter (LL)

1 skein KnitPicks Mighty Stitch in Black (B)

1 skein KnitPicks Mighty Stitch in Chocolate (Ch)

1 skein KnitPicks Mighty Stitch in Silver (S)

Hook(s): 5mm H-8. I used my Furls Odyssey

Yarn needle


click here to go to and get the coupon code for your free pdf copy of this pattern for December 2nd only!

Let's talk fiber!

If you need to substitute with an other yarn and are not sure what to look for here are some tips...

What you will look for between labels

Is the weight the same?

Are the fibers similar, such as Acrylic, wool, alpaca, nylon, etc.?

Is the gauge similar or close enough to make it work?

Are the recommended hook sizes the same?

Another piece of information you can look for is the number of wpi (wraps per inch). This information is not always available so me be more difficult to compare.

Do you know these stitches and abbreviations?

St- stitches

Ch- Chain

Sc- single crochet

Special Stitches

ScO- single crochet with oyster. Crochet using this color when instructed using your preferred color changing method. 

ScCh- single crochet with Chocolate. 

ScSp- single crochet with Spruce (green).

ScLL- single crochet with Love Letter.

Gauge and measurements.

16 st x 20 rows of sc= 4X4” 10cm
W- 8”
H- 8”

Other things you should know before starting...

The chain at the beginning of each round does not count as a stitch.

Color changes are indicated by the abbreviations for each color described in the special stitches section above.  You will see the next stitch with the color incorporated in the abbreviation, so be sure to look ahead to see what color comes next.

Use the color changing method you prefer most. If color changing is new to you there are many tutorials on you tube.

Stitch totals for each row are found between ( ).

The background, the tree and the heart are crocheted in single crochet. Then the lettering, garland, silver tree topper, and snow are added after as cross stitch and surface crochet.

Odd row numbers are worked on the right side of your square

Even row numbers are worked on the wrong side of your square

The first row of the heart is worked on the right side of your square

Don't forget to get your coupon code from for your free pdf for December 2nd only!

Okay let's go!

Row 1- with Oyster ch33, sc in the 2nd ch from hook, sc across. 

Row 2-4: scO across, ch1, turn. (32)

Row 5: scO15, scCh3, scO14; ch1, turn.

Row 6: scO9, scSp5, scCh3, scSp4, scO10; ch1, turn.

Row 7: scO12, scSp3, scCh3, scSp3, scO11; ch1, turn.

Row8: scO9, scSp2, scO2, scSp2, scCh, scSp2, scO2, scSp2, scO10; ch1, turn.

Row 9: scO11, scSp2, scO2, scSp3, scO2, scSp2, scO10; ch1, turn.

Row 10: scO11, scSp9, scO12; ch1, turn.

Row11: scO10, scSp2, scO2, scSp5, scO2, scSp2, scO9; ch1, turn.

Row 12: scO10, scSp2, scO2, scSp3, scO2, scSp2, scO11; ch1, turn.

Row 13: scO13, scSp7, scO12; ch1, turn.

Row 14: scO10, scSp2, scO2, scSp3, scO2, scSp2, scO11; ch1, turn.

Row 15: scO12, scSp2, scO, scSp3, scO, scSp2, scO11; ch1, turn.

Row 16: scO12, scSp7, scO13; ch1, turn.

Row 17: scO12, scSp, scO2, scSp3, scO2, scSp, scO11; ch1, turn.

Row 18: scO12, scSp7, scO13; ch1, turn.

Row 19: scO14, scSp5, scO13; ch1, turn.

Row 20: scO15, scSp, scO16; ch1, turn.

Row 21: sc15, scSp3, sc14; ch1, turn.

Row 22: scO13, scSp, scO, scSp, scO, scSp, scO14; ch1, turn.

Row 23 & 24: scO32; ch1, turn.

Row 25: scO22, scLL1, scO9; ch1, turn.

Row 26: scO8, scLL3, scO21; ch1, turn.

Row 27: scO20, scLL5, scO7; ch1, turn.

Row 28: scO6, scLL7, scO19; ch1, turn.

Row 29: scO19, scLL7, scO6; ch1, turn.

Row 30: scO7, scLL2, scO, scLL2, scO20; ch1, turn.

Row 31 & 32: scO32; ch1, turn.


The lettering is embroidered around the tree. Use your yarn needle and method of choice to make the lettering. If you feel the yarn is too thick, separate some of the strands to thin out the yarn for thinner lettering.


The garland is worked in chains and attached at points on the tree.

Attach yarn in color Love Letter with a sl st to the left side of the tree at row 19, ch 6 or 7, sl st to the right side of the tree on row 16; fasten off pull tail to the back.

Attach yarn with a sl st to the left side of the tree on row 16, ch 9 or 10, sl st to the right side of the tree on row 12, fasten off pull tail to back.

Attach yarn with a sl st to the left side of the tree on row 12, ch 12 or 13, sl st to the right side the tree on row 9, fasten off, pull tail to back.

 Attach yarn with a sl st to the left side of the tree on row 9, ch 12 or 13, sl st to the right side the tree on row 6, fasten off, pull tail to back.

Silver Bow:

For the silver bow I attached silver yarn with a sl st to the tippy top of the tree, chained between 6 to 8 chains then sl st back to the starting point. I continued making chains of 6 or 8 and attaching them to the center again until I was satisfied with the look of the bow.

Want even more?

Get the entire pattern bundle for this CAL at a major discount here! Each day you will be able to download the next square in this series!

Visit my store to purchase the fully loaded downloadable version of this pattern complete with Stitch Fiddle graph that I break down line by line, a full graph and a little tip to help with more seamless color changes!

Download Disclaimer

This pattern and its pictures are the property of Knottie Hooks. You are welcome to sell your finished items from this pattern in any manner you choose. However, do not copy, share, or redistribute the pattern itself in any way. Please provide a link if you sell your finished items online back to the original pattern source. Use #knottiehooks and tag me @knottiehooks. (If you change the name when you sell your item, please mention the pattern name in the link so other people can find the pattern.)

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