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Love and Joy Blanket CAL

Love & Joy CAL

Welcome to the Love and Joy Blanket Crochet Along!

If you have been following along since December 1st then you are a seasoned expert in how this works.

If you are just joining us here is how it works

We have so many amazing squares this year and each one is bound to remind you of how this season is all about Love and Joy!

We want to hear from you too! What brings you love and joy at this time of year?

Is it the lights? Spending time together with family?

Or do you feel truly blessed that we have been saved by our Lord and Savior?!

Here are some examples of the designs that have already been released this month!

Aren't they amazing! So much creativity and talent!

You can find out more about these beautiful square at

If you have missed these squares don't worry you can still get them here

Here is the next square in this oh so fun Mystery blanket CAL!

Be sure to check back each day for the next square and the coupon code so you can get it Free!

Day 16

Holly Jolly Wreath

Holly Jolly Wreath

by: Me, Faydra Kenning of Knottie Hooks

This holly jolly wreath is the perfect addition to you Love and Joy blanket. What better way to celebrate Jesus’ evergreen love for us than with evergreen trees and wreaths?

Day 17

Day 17

Lamp of Love

by: Jayalakshmi Ravichandran

I just love this beautiful mosaic. The detail is so amazing, and it looks like it will be a lot of fun to make.

Day 18

Serenity Square

by: Melena Straight

I… Love… this… Square!

I feel like I’m looking at a mandala and it makes me feel at peace.

Day 19

Flowers Bring me Joy

By: Holly Da Silva

I don’t know about you, but flowers always make me feel happy. Seeing these flowers everyday is sure to brighten your holiday spirits too!

Day 20

North Star

by: Jo Baird

This star is just gorgeous.  Jo is so talented and a rising star in the crochet community. There is so much to see in this elegant square!

Day 21

Cup of Cocoa

by: Siglinde Van Meirvenne

Ahhh… Cocoa is the perfect holiday beverage. Ha Ha, especially with some schnaps (peppermint mmm). How do you take your Cocoa?

Day 22

Day 22

Twinkling Lights

By: Dina Sengupta

I love twinkle lights at Christmas. My daughter asked me recently why we put up lights at Christmas. I told her its to remind us of the bright star that led everyone to baby Jesus…

Day 23

Day 23

Christmas Celebration

By: Kris Moore

I love the texture of this square. I just want to touch it and feel all that happy squishiness. What does this square remind you of?

Day 24

Christmas Tree

By Deb Pincumbe

Happy Christmas trees are the best way to celebrate this time of year!

Day 25, Merry Christmas!


By Faydra Kenning

Cristes-Maese, the Christ Mass, Christmas. Amazing how things evolve. Just like faith, love, and joy. While you celebrate your Christmas today, give thanks to our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Spare him a minute just to say “hi”. Give him your worries, stresses, anxieties. Also, give him the love you have for him in your heart.

Thank you, dear Jesus, for paving the path to heaven and eternal life. May we each strive to be worthy of such a privilege

Day 26

Love & Joy

By: Kristen Ridinger

This square speaks for itself. I immediately think of the carol, Love and Joy come to you… Which makes me feel all warm inside.

Day 27

Day 27

Christmas Butterfly

By Sarah Jo Schmitt

I am so excited about this square. The butterfly is so eye catching. The story behind this butterfly is beautiful and bound to leave you feeling inspired.

Day 28

Day 28

Merry and Bright

By Jessica Armstrong of

This star is definitely merry and bright, and I feel merry and bright just looking at it! It’s just so cool!

Day 29

Cardinal in the Window

By: Kristen Ridinger

The cardinal for Christmas feels so promising. I can’t wait for you to read Kristen’s post about this beautiful bird.

Day 30

Day 30

Christmas Flower

By Dina Sengupta

This flower square reminds me of a poinsettia. It is so pretty and reminds me so much of home.

Day 31

Beginners Heart

By: Kitty Marsh

Kitty is a first time designer and she did great! I love how this square looks like a puzzle. It reminds me that at this time of the year all the pieces of this complicated thing we call life can still come together and be cohesive.

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