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Monique Beret |Free Pattern|

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A few weeks ago I announced that I would release the Monique Beret pattern.  After much testing, a little tweaking, and lots of love she is ready to say hello!

I used is  Yarn Bee Breathe Deep, however, Premier Every Day and Caron Simply Soft work well too. Of course you can always choose whatever yarn you like so long as it is the same weight and texture. I hope you enjoy making her as much as we do! 

Her Story...

My mother helps me out a lot with Knottie Hooks, so when she worked up this cutie, I insisted we publish it! She hesitated for a bit feeling unsure that her ideas would be liked by others. Haven’t we all been there as designers and crocheters!

I finally got her to write it down. I then typed up what she had written and started working it up myself. I started making changes to the stitches to allow for a more even flow of increasing and decreasing, all the while making sure she agreed with the changes being made.

I really had to work with the beginning numbers to get it right so it would flow without odd and weird ending numbers. Finally, I went with my tried and true base number of 10. The hat worked up beautifully from there.

This is the most difficult part of writing patterns. I not only write them so I can do them, I need imagine what others may see when reading them, and what they may produce from what they read.

My mom crochets very tight, so her initial math was not working for me, I crochet somewhere in the middle of tight and loose. This is also why testing is so important.

What Sets Her Apart?

Monique is a unique hat in that it is timeless, flattering, and sophisticated. Worked in the round, Monique has subtle characteristics that add eye catching texture. Monique combines the knit stitch and “x” stitch for a smooth transition from the center of the beret out to the edges. Sizes are easy to manipulate by adding and subtracting rounds, giving you full control over the size of your project. The band is also easily manipulated by adding or subtracting beginning chains and rows. I recommend reading through the abbreviations and the first 5 rounds of the pattern before starting your project to familiarize yourself with the techniques used and to reduce confusion when working the beret.

FYI:  if your beginning rounds start to waffle this is fine.  If you find it uncomfortable to work with then try blocking it to get the yarn to rest.

Gauge/ Measurements:

• 15rnds= 6x6
• Top of Beret after round 24- 10.5”


• 4mm Hook, or appropriate hook to meet gauge.
• #4 medium yarn.

Abbreviations/ Stitches:

Ch- chain
St- stitch
• Magic circle
Sc- single crochet
Slst- slip stitch
Dc- double crochet
Knst- knit stitch
Isp- Increase space; this is the space between knit stitches where you would normally work a stitch.
Knst2tog- knit stitch two together,
Xst- x stitch; sk 1knst, dc in next, working backward dc in skipped knst
Scblo- single crochet back loops only
Scblo2tog- single crochet back loops only two together


Rnd1: 10sc into magic circle, slst to beg. (10)
Rnd 2: ch1 (does not count as stitch), 1knst 1sc in isp, rep around, slst to beg. (20)
Rnd 3: ch1, 2knst, 1sc in isp . Rep ** around, slst to beg. (30)

Rnd 4: ch3, skip back to the 2nd knst behind the ch3, dc in this knst. Skip ahead to the 2nd knst in front of the ch3, dc in this knst, 1dc in the skipped knst just behind dc just made. Skip 1knst, dc in next, dc in skipped knst. Rep ** around. Slst to 2nd ch of beg ch3. (15 xst, or 29dc + ch3= 30)

Rnd 5: ch1, sc into the center of the 1st xst, sc in the next dc space, slst to beg.(30)
Rnd 6: ch1, *3knst, 1knst in the increase space *, rep ** around, slst to beg. (40)

Rnd 7: ch1, 4knst, 1sc in isp in next, rep** around, slst to beg. (50)
Rnd 8: Repeat rnd 4. (25xst, or 49dc +ch3= 50)

Rnd 9: Repeat rnd 5. (50)
Rnd 10: ch1, 5knst, 1sc in isp, rep** around, slst to beg. (60)

Rnd 11: ch1, 6knst, 1sc in isp, rep ** around, slst to beg. (70)
Rnd 12: ch1, 7knst, 1sc in isp, rep** around, slst to beg. (80)

Rnd 13: repeat rnd 4. (40xst, 79dc + ch3= 80)
Rnd 14: Repeat rnd 5. (80)
Rnd 15: ch1, 8knst, 1sc in isp, rep ** around, slst to beg. (90)

Rnd 16: ch1, 9knst, 1sc in isp, rep ** around, slst to beg. (100)
Rnd 17: ch1, 10knst, 1sc in isp, rep ** around, slst to beg. (110)
Rnd 18: repeat rnd 4. (55 xst, 109dc +ch3= 110)

Rnd 19: Repeat rnd 5. (110)
Rnd 20: ch1, 11knst, 1sc in isp rep ** around, slst to beg. (120)
Rnd 21: ch1, 12knst, 1sc in isp rep ** around, slst to beg. (130)

Rnd 22: ch1, 13knst, 1sc in isp rep ** around, slst to beg. (140)
Rnd 23: repeat rnd 4. (70 xst, 139dc + ch3= 140)
Rnd 24: repeat rnd 5 (140)

Body Decreasing:

Rnd 22: ch1, 11sc, sc2tog, rep ** around. Scblo2tog the last two stitches, slst to beg (130)
Rnd 23: ch1, 9knst, knst2tog, rep ** around, kn2tog the last 2 sts, slst to beg (118)
Rnd 24: ch1, 7knst, knst2tog, rep ** around, slst to beg. (104)

Rnd 25: repeat rnd 4. (52 xst)
Rnd 26: repeat rnd 5 (104)
Rnd 27: ch1, 5knst, knst2tog, rep ** around to the last 5knst. Knst in each remaining st, slst to beg. (90)
Rnd 28: ch1, 3knst, knst2tog, rep ** around, slst to beg. (72)


• chain1 does not count as a stitch.
• 2 rows = 1 ribbing

Using a 4mm hook ch 9
Row 1: Slst into the 2nd ch from the hook and across (8), ch1 turn
Row 2: slstblo across (8). Ch1, turn.
Row 3-120 (or 60 ribs):
1 rib= 2 rows
Slst short ends together. Sc between each ribbing (60), slst to 1st sc. Repeat rnd 4 from the body.


Holding the hat band on the inside of the hat, single crochet around 1sc in each stitch. You may have to stretch the band a little to line up the stitches correctly. Fasten off and weave in ends. Enjoy!

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Please Note:

This pattern and its pictures are the property of Knottie Hooks.  You are welcome to sell your finished items from this pattern in any manner you choose.  However, do not copy, share, or redistribute the pattern or pictures in this pattern in any way. Please provide a link if you sell your finished items online. (If you change the name when you sell your item, please mention the pattern name in the link so other people can find the pattern.)

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