Soap Socks


What the heck is a soap sock?  Its a loofah for your bar soap!  Exfoliate while you bath or shower with bar soap, woop woop.  I could go on and on about how much I love these little doohickies, including how my own daughter loves hers, and so does my husband, but you just want to get to making one don't you!


Skill Level: Beginner


  • 5mm hook (or appropriate hook to meet gauge)
  • Approximately 41 yards of cotton scrubby yarn. 1 skein makes about 3-4 soap socks.
  • 13" length of Cotton yarn for cinching.
  • Bead with a center large enough to run cotton cinching string through.


  • Hdc- half double crochet
  • Rnd-round • Slst- slip stitch


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