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There are a lot of way's to reduce our use of disposable products. One way specific to today's topic is getting rid of the sponges in your kitchen. They harbor bacteria, smell bad, you cannot wash them in the laundry multiple times, and they do not break down in the landfill without additional help from more chemicals to accelerate the process.

So what could be a better way to resolve this issue than to make your own scrubbies! Not only for your kitchen, you can use these little guys all over your house, and since they are made with Yarn Bee's Scrub-Ology Scrub It, they can be washed in the laundry over and over!

Their Story

When I began making these scrubbies, I was on a mission to create a line of handmade products that would not only save money, but more importantly, they would reduce the amount of non recyclable waste in our landfills.

I made a few different types of scrubbies. I made them with cotton scrubby yarn, and polyester scrubby yarn. Then I came across the Scrub-ology Scrub It yarn one day when I was out doing yarn recon at my local Hobby Lobby. I bought a skein and applied the various designs I had tried with previous yarns. I just was not satisfied with the amount of yarn needed to make a decent sized scrubby round.

It just so happens I was playing a lot with puff stitches and bean stitches at that time. I was making up a Myra Slouch Hat one night and it hit me! Now, I had seen a few other makers using the bean stitch when making their scrubbies, and I shied away from using it. I like to come up with my own original ideas, but in this case a little bit of inspiration turned out to be a good thing.

So I whipped one up, gave it to my first round product tester (my husband) and waited for his feed back. It was a hit! I made a few more and started handing them out to family and friends to use and give me feed back. Then I did the laundry...

When I pulled the washed scrubby out of the dryer it was all misshaped and quirky. I worked with it a little to get it back into shape and it was still just all wonky. I could tell by the way it was all scrunched up that I had to do something different to the stitches to be sure they would stay in place. And that is just what I did...

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What Makes This Pattern Different

I'm still not sure how I came up with the idea. I do remember I was up to my ears in all things Knottie Hooks. And I remember it was about ten-o-clock at night, lol. I kept playing with the yarn and the stitch and all of a sudden it hit me, again... A simple twist to the stitch would help to hold it all in place and reduce the potential for the yarn to slip and misshapen during laundering.

Back in to testing, and laundering it went... Again, a success! I was feeling on top of my game! Now I get to pass along these tricks. So go out! Get some Scrub It, and get making!

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  • 4.5 mm hook
  • 1 skein of Hobby Lobby Scrub-ology Scrub It!
  • Yarn needle

Look at all these colors!!!


  • Magic Circle:
  • Sl- slip stitch
  • Ch- Chain stitch
  • Sc- single crochet
  • Pfs- puff stitch:


They will measure between 3.5”-4” in diameter when completed.


Turn the same direction when directed to turn. So if you turn counter clockwise, then always turn counter clockwise

Okay let’s go!...

Rnd 1:  Make a magic circle.  Pfs 6x in magic circle, sl to 1st puff.  Pull tail taut (not so taut that it causes your work to overly bunch)

Rnd 2:  Ch 1, Pfs into the sl space then in each puff and ch 1 space around.  Sl to beginning puff.  (12 puffs)

Rnd 3:  Ch 1, 2 sc in each puff and chain 1 sp around.  Sl st to beginning tie off weave in ends.  (here you could also crochet a few chains to make a loop for hanging, do this before tying off).

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