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What is tech editing

So much hard work goes into creating a crochet piece. You find an oh so beautiful yarn that makes you swoon. Then the swatching begins and you swatch, and swatch, and swatch. Testing out different stitches and hook sizes to optimize your new favorite fiber. Things start to fall in place and the piece starts to come together.

All those notes you have kept then translate into a typed document and you have a pattern. And it is something to be proud of. You have just turned nothing into something!

You put your pattern into testing and all of a sudden you feel like the worst pattern writer ever! Fellow maker, I have been there. Nothing will leave you feeling more emotionally beat up than pattern testing.

Have you ever felt like this? Have you ever thought, how can I make this whole process so much easier? Have you ever thought, I love my patterns but I just feel like its missing something?

You are not alone, and this is where a Tech Editor is your strongest ally! Below is a list of all my pattern optimizing services and a description of what you get when you select that option upon submitting a pattern. Having a Tech Editor to go through your pattern and help you optimize it will save you time, stress, and testing chaos.

Available Services

Basic Tech Editing

Basic tech editing is exactly how it sounds. As I proof read your pattern I will be looking for typical crochet pattern structure, grammatical and spelling errors, consistency of style such as abbreviations and number placement. I use a Tech Editing checklist designed by my mentor Emily Reiter of Fiat Fiber Arts.

Format and Layout

If you choose this option you are inviting me to pick your pattern apart quite a bit further where I will give you my personal opinion and really dive into how your pattern flows, and reads.

Format and layout is such personal and intimate relationship between you and your pattern. However, if you feel that you are just not happy with this we can work together to come up with something that may work more for you and your style!

Links Check

With this option I will go through all the links within your pattern to make sure they go where they are supposed to.

Measurements Check

Here I will use the gauge you have given to work up a gauge swatch to verify the gauge and use those numbers to check the measurements you have used in your pattern for your final measurements.

Professional Pattern Testing

Why pay for this when you can get testers? I've been round this rodeo and tested A Lot of patterns. I have also had patterns tested. I understand the frustration that comes with lackluster pattern testers. Therefore...

With this option I will work up your pattern in the size you request up to size XL. If you have a specific yarn you want used we can work this out too. This option also incorporates the Basic Tech Editing, Measurements Check, gauge photos, process photos including critical stitches and intersections (such as increases, joining, splitting of the yoke, etc), premium finished photos of the piece in use and laid flat from different angles and poses.

Disclaimer: any photography for children's items will be taken using a mannequin, or child prop (in other words not my kid, respectfully).

The Works!

A full comprehensive workup of your pattern that includes Basic Tech Editing, Format and Layout, Links Check, Math Check, and Pattern Testing. All the services listed above for one discounted price! One week minimum due date, larger projects may require more lax due dates.

Let's work together and make something Great!

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