Come join me for an adventure in all things crochet! Learn how to crochet, new techniques and access to Free Patterns! Plus lost more.

I’m Faydra Kenning, a stay at home mom of one, wife, and aspiring designer. I love being all of these! My newest adventure of becoming a designer started in the spring of 2018 with loved ones asking me to make them things. When I started making more and more I knew I had to start writing down what I was making.

I started turning my notes into patterns, and patterns into more physical goods, and so on. I started doing craft shows, which are great for learning what is popular and what needs more work! All my patterns are tested by others for accuracy and ease to read.

I have many plans for this journey so stay with me as Knottie Hooks grows, and come back to Crochet with Fay!

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